Things to remember before you buy new tyres

29 Apr 2017 07:08

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Buying tyres can be a daunting task if you are new to it and don’t know much about tyres. For some buying tyres is not a big deal probably because they are not aware of the importance of tyres and how strongly it can impact your vehicle's performance and fuel consumption. So, here we have compiles a few pointers that you should consider before buying new tyres:
• The first step is to identify the kind of tyre you want, whether you want new tyres or you want to settle down with the used ones. Both have their own set of benefits and loss, a new tyre may cost high but will have better durability, whereas the used tyres might come at a lower price but may not be safe. Our personal recommendation is to buy new tyres.
• The type of driving is also an important factor while buying new tyres. You might find those sleek tyres but if you own a 4*4 or SUV then they are not the right type. The type of vehicle, the weather your area witnesses must be taken into consideration before you decide to buy car tyres. Tyre manufacturers spend millions and millions to create tyres for the specific need, make sure you invest in those which best complements your car.
• Decide whether you want to buy a spare tyre, you may have recently replaced your old and worn out tyres but you should never undermine the fact that rigorous driving can impact your car tyres and sometimes adversely and hence, it’s advisable to spend money on buying a spare tyre which proves to be helpful in case of emergency.
• Be well-versed with knowledge of tyres and your car. As a car owner, it's advisable that you should be aware of your car parts and tyres. This not only helps you un understand about it but at the same time it helps you understand when you need to buy new tyres when your car needs maintenance and repair etc.

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